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Our display case looks Fugly, but our fruits taste beautiful.
Once you see the Fugly Fruits display case, it will be the apple of your eye. Fugly Fruits are naturals at attracting attention. They each have skin appeal, all their own. Moreover, they are accompanied by a personalized pamphlet. This way, your customers will know how to handle and enjoy each fruit. We have also taken it one step further and added recipes to the pamphlet. The recipes reveal just how much fun eating Fugly Fruits can be. Our Fugly Fruits display case is Fun-Ugly beautiful, and a sure crowd pleaser.

Our Fugly Fruit Merchandising Team will go into your store to set up and maintain our Fuglyness.
We don't just drop this on your door step and run because that would be really ugly-fugly. Our Fugly Fruit Merchandising Team comes to your store and helps you set up and maintain the display.

Fugly Fruits, beautiful profits.
Our variety of Fugly Fruits have been around for years, but until now people were unfamiliar to them. Today, our fruits are displayed with personalized pamphlets. Our Fugly Fruits have become familiar faces and tastes that everyone can enjoy. Our Fugly Fruits display, but more importantly our Fugly Fruits are great tasting.

Fugly Fruits People will come to your store and give out free samples.
Some of the Fuglyest people you have ever seen will come to your store and give out samples to your customers. This is because our Fugly Fruits display case is as beautiful as our fruit taste. The best way to get people to buy Fugly Fruits is to have them taste it.

Kids and parents will love the fun-ugliness of our fruit.
Kids will be attracted by the fun nature of our characterizations of our fruit. And parents will like the chance to get their kids to try something new and nutritional. On the back of the cards are fruit facts, recipes, nutritional information and how to handle each type of Fugly Fruits.

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