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Fun, great tasting fruits are what Fugly Fruits offers. Don't judge them by the skin they are in. Taste Fugly Fruits' beauty from the inside out. Fugly Fruits' goal is to show the main stream public that fruits can be unattractive and healthy, but still very fun to eat. If you are not eating them, you are missing out on all The Fugly-Fun. Fugly Fruits bring the world's best tasting, ugliest fruits to the everyday beautiful person and that is you.

Cherimoya - "Like dude, they call me Cherimoya. I taste like pineapple and I am real good for ya. They say I'm smooth as custard. I smell so nice. So try me out, it's good advice!"

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Pepino - "Hola! I'm Pepino. Let me tell you un poco. My sweet latin taste will drive you loco! I'm straight from the Andes. I love to sit in the sunrays. I'm a sweet little melon. Ole! So try me today."

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Passion Fruit - "Ooh la la. I'm a fruit of passion. I'm so tasty, you will have to ration. One bite of me, and you're on fire. I'm tangy sweet, filled with desire."

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Kiwi - "Good day mate, my name is Kiwi. I'm warm and fuzzy, and still a peewee. Green as a croc, a taste you'll savour. So fresh and crisp with banana flavor."

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Tangelo - "All da kids at school dey called me Fugly. But if dey'd tasted me, dey would've dug me. Hey mon don't judge the 'roo by its skin. Da 'roo got some tasty flavors bustin outta him."

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Palmito - "My name is Palmito, and I'm from the West Indies. I've been around since Columbus sailed on the high seas. I am an exotic legume, sometimes called Hearts of Palm. Try me out for a snack, I wont steer you wrong."

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